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    BOTU SpermFilter


    SpermFilter is the method of choice in Brazil for concentrating sperm. No centrifugation needed. Filter is fast and reusable up to 10 times with washing between uses and heating in incubator.

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    BOTUCRIO® represents a novel and innovative formulation for the freezing of stallion sperm. After years of research and fertility trials at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, and multicentre field testing, this extender combines the best components to protect cells from the damage caused by freezing, and to protect their fertility after thawing.

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    BotuSemen® is the result of several years work by Brazilian researchers to provide the equine industry with an economical yet, first class extender. In addition to the combination of sugar and protein sources, BotuSemen® contains important aminoacids that help the sperm tolerate the cooling process better than other extenders. BotuSemen® also has an ideal combination of antibiotics that has no adverse effects on sperm or fertility.