Benefits of Canine Progesterone Testing & Culturing BET Labs

Benefits of Canine Progesterone Testing & Culturing

Canine Progesterone testing is a fundamental element of breeding success. By testing Progesterone levels with BET Labs, the breeder can determine the optimal time for breeding to maximize fertility and litter size. The sensitivity of this assay is beneficial to the breeder as BET Labs offers the most sensitive testing by Radioimmunoassay (RIA), which is well known to be the Gold standard in Canine Progesterone testing. This helps to eliminate missed heat cycles, late or repeat breeding and unnecessary stress on the breeding female. This test is highly cost effective and efficient, saving additional veterinary costs.


We receive serum samples for canine progesterone from many clinics throughout the US. Samples are shipped via overnight delivery on the afternoon the bitch is presented to the clinic and sent to our lab to arrive by 11 am the following morning. Results are then reported to the veterinarian by the same afternoon, allowing for sufficient time to order semen. These quick results greatly improve breeding accuracy and are imperative for increasing conception rates as well as the number of puppies per litter. Results can be reported by email or phone, to implement the most convenient method of reporting. We know how time sensitive this process is, and we are happy to communicate with both the breeder and the veterinarian.


Another aspect of breeding that we provide is canine culture testing. With over 40+ years of microbiology experience, our Microbiologist reports results on the first day of growth and monitoring, followed by a Sensitivity and final report if an organism is isolated. Many dog breeders use this service to minimize pregnancy loss and fetal distress. Understanding bacterial contamination of the female is critical to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Bacteria can spread through kennels, come from both male and female breeding pairs, and move from location to location. Cultures can be collected and sent along with your Progesterone serum samples and there is no additional charge if a bacterium is found, and a Sensitivity is reported. As some bacteria are resistant to certain antibiotics, the detailed Sensitivity report allows the breeder to immediately treat the female the most efficient way possible, and before pregnancy loss can occur.


Account set up is quick and simple and samples can be tested the same day by in-person drop off or mail courier such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Please call for more information regarding testing, collection, and Canine breeding.