Welcome to BET Laboratories!

BET Labs has been providing veterinarians with endocrine diagnostic services since 1984 in the USA and since 1999 in Brazil. We're a leader in providing accurate and rapid veterinary endocrine testing at a competitive price.

Over 6000 Veterinary practices presently use our Lab to aid in the diagnosis of:

Lactational Anestrus

Fetal Well Being

Placental Function

Pregnancy Confirmation

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Tumors

Persistent CL

Testicular Degeneration

Low Libido


Cushings Syndrome/PPID

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Insulin resistance


Who are we?

BET Labs, a leader in veterinary endocrine testing, provides fast & accurate results for clinical diagnosis and free consultation.  Our goal is to help you integrate your lab results into are solution for the unique clinical issue you are addressing.

We perform our most frequently requested assays on a daily basis, while less frequently requested tests are batched to reduce client costs. The rapid turn around for our clients enables you to provide the best health care for your patients.

Our Laboratory quality control parameters are rigorous. Both low and high controls are included in each assay run. All samples are assayed in duplicate to reduce interassay variation. Coefficients of variation are calculated for the duplicate aliquots and any samples in which the coefficient of variation exceeds 10% are re-assayed.

We offer free consultation and will be glad to discuss your case with you. Moreover, we are a source of unique products that have proven efficacy in veterinary medicine.  In humans we offer salivary Cortisol testing for diagnosis of Adrenal fatigue and subsequent treatments with our proven formulations.