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BET Labs has been providing veterinarians with endocrine diagnostic services since 1984 in the USA and since 1999 in Brazil. We’re a leader in providing accurate and rapid veterinary endocrine testing at a competitive price.

Who We Are

BET Labs, a leader in veterinary endocrine testing, provides fast & accurate results for clinical diagnosis. With over four decades of experience, BET Reproductive Laboratories has established itself as a leader in the field of reproductive endocrinology. Our goal is to help you integrate your lab results into a solution for the unique clinical issue you are addressing.

Our laboratory offers endocrine analysis via radioimmunoassay (RIA). RIA is the most highly sensitive, repeatable, and efficient methodology, and is considered the Gold Standard for endocrine testing. This advanced technology allows the laboratory to measure hormone levels in animals with the highest level of sensitivity, making them the most accurate results available. BET Reproductive Laboratories prides itself on its exceptional quality control measures, ensuring that each sample is processed accurately. Our Laboratory quality control parameters are rigorous. All samples are assayed in duplicate to reduce intraassay variation. We offer endocrine analysis for a variety of species including equine, canine, feline, caprine, bovine, camelid, and more!

Most assays are performed daily, while less frequently requested tests are batched to reduce client costs. The rapid turnaround time enables our clients to provide the highest level of reproductive success & efficient care for their patients.

Upon the receipt of your test results, we offer a free consultation to discuss your case. The laboratory’s experienced team of professionals can accurately interpret hormone levels and provide recommendations for optimal breeding and endocrine management. Moreover, we are a source of unique products that have proven efficacy in veterinary medicine.

BET Reproductive Laboratories has established itself as a leader in the industry, and our reputation for providing excellent service and producing superior results is widely recognized. We are committed to staying at the forefront of reproductive technology and advancing the field through ongoing research and development.

Over 6000 Veterinary practices presently use our Lab to aid in the diagnosis of:

Lactational Anestrus
Fetal Well Being
Placental Function
Pregnancy Confirmation

Ovarian Tumors
Persistent CL
Low Libido
Ovarian Cysts

Cushings Syndrome/PPID
Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Insulin Resistance

Canine Progesterone Testing

Canine Progesterone Testing is a fundamental element of breeding success. By testing Progesterone levels with BET Labs, the breeder can determine the optimal time for breeding to maximize fertility and litter size.

Equine Guide to Progesterone Assays

Progesterone testing has been routinely used for over 20 years. It is by far the most common assay. It is important to distinguish between progesterone, progestins, and progestagens since the difference is not recognized by most veterinary practitioners.

BET Labs Products

Products purchased from the shop aid in the development and maintenance of a variety of canine and equine performance and daily needs. Visit the BET Labs shop or call (859) 273-3036 with questions.