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Have any questions? Please see our FAQs. If your question isn’t listed, feel free to contact our staff at (859) 273-3036. Our team is eager to answer any questions you may have. Dr. Douglas, our resident endocrinology expert, is also available to assist with specific animal reproduction cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pregnancy testing can I do for my Miniature Pony, Donkey, or Miniature Donkey?

Progestagen assays alone will not confirm pregnancy. Miniature Ponies, Donkeys, or Miniature Donkeys may not produce PMSG. From 110 days to term, Total Estrogens assays are used to confirm pregnancy and monitor fetal viability. Values will be similar for miniature mares, but different for donkeys and mini donkeys.

Do you provide pregnancy testing for Ovine, Camelids, or other species?

Please consult your veterinarian for their recommended pregnancy testing services. BET Labs Progestagen assays may be performed to identify non-pregnant females (P4 < 1.0 ng/mL).

When would you test PMSG/eCG vs. Total Estrogens to determine pregnancy in my mare?

BET prefers to test for PMSG/eCG when mares are between 45 and 90 days pregnant. Total Estrogens assays are tested from 110 days to term.

Can I collect the blood in a Serum Separator Tube?

It is NOT recommended to draw blood in a Serum Separator Tube for the services we provide, due to the properties in the gel that absorb hormones. Please use plain red, yellow, or purple top tubes to get the preferred sample type (Serum or Plasma) required for the test you need.

Do I need a Vet to submit my sample?

You do not need to list a veterinarian to submit your samples. However, depending on the outcome of your animals’ results, you may need to contact your veterinarian to interpret our findings and apply their preferred course of treatment(s).

How do I create an account with BET Labs to send in samples for testing?

Setting up an account for lab services is simple! From our website, download and print our assay request forms and completely fill out the top information. Where it says, “account number”, write “NEW CLIENT.” Upon receiving your submission form, we will create your account based on the information you provide. Please look forward to receiving your results via your requested email address or fax provided. Create an account online for BET Labs Product Sales only.

Where can I find the pricing of your tests?

Our prices are not posted on our website. Please feel free to call us for up-to-date pricing. We can also send you a list via email upon request.

How can I pay for my Hormone Assays Online?

Online payments are not accepted currently for our laboratory testing services. Payment may be remitted by sending in a check, or by calling in credit card details. However, please note that a credit card processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments. In-person samples at our laboratory can also be paid for in cash.

How do I submit/ship my samples to BET Labs?

Please download and print off our assay request forms and complete the form by filling out your information at the top of the page, filling in the patient(s) information, and marking or writing which test(s) you wish us to process. Please use the Testing Availability, Sample Handling, and Turnaround Time table to determine the type of sample we require to provide you with the most accurate results. We receive samples via in-person drop-off, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We do not provide pre-paid shipping labels. We highly recommend that you save all tracking numbers of your shipments. If you haven’t received your results, please check the status of your shipment to ensure we received it first.