Testing Availability, Handling, and Turn Around Time

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Available Tests

*ACTHbatched/ variable2 mLPlasma
Cortisolsame day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Human Salivary Cortisol Testnext day4 mLSaliva
Insulinnext day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Testosteronenext day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Total Estrogenssame day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Progesteronesame day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Progesterone + Total Estrogenssame day2 mLSerum or Plasma
Progesterone + Total T4same day2 mLSerum or Plasma
Total T4same day1 mLSerum or Plasma
FSHbatched/ variable2 mLSerum or Plasma
LHbatched/ variable2 mLSerum or Plasma
PMSGbatched/ variable1 mLSerum or Plasma
Progesterone + PMSGbatched/ variable2 mLSerum or Plasma
Cryptorchid Screen
(Testosterone and Estrogen)
next day2 mLSerum or Plasma
Cryptorchid Screen
(Testosterone only)
next day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Cushings Screen - equine
(T4, Insulin, and Circadian Cortisol Rhythm)
next day2 mLSerum or Plasma
Cushings Screen - equine or canine
(Low dose of dexamethasone)
same day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Cushing’s Screen - canine
(ACTH stimulation)
same day1 mLSerum or Plasma
Ovarian Tumor (hCG) Stimulationnext day2 mLSerum or Plasma
Stallion Panel
(Total Estrogens, FSH, Insulin, Testosterone, Total T4)
batched/ variable3 mLSerum or Plasma
Combination of any three - on same animal
(except ACTH, FSH, LH, PMSG )
same/ next day3 mLSerum or Plasma
Recycled Mailers
(For Sample shipping; minimum of 10/ pack)
*ACTH assay - Collect in a chilled, silicone-coated EDTA tube, centrifuge, transfer plasma to a plastic tube and freeze. Ship frozen on ice OVERNIGHT.
*We will contact you by fax or phone with the results as they are completed

For all species

Collect either serum or plasma. Send serum or plasma only, in a clean, labeled vial. Serum separator tubes are NOT recommended.

A volume of 2 mL of plasma or serum is sufficient for most assays. FSH and LH require at least 3 mL.

Sera or plasma should be harvested as soon as possible. Hemolysis should be minimal. If you cannot separate the serum from red cells, you should ship it as quickly as possible using a cold pack to prevent hemolysis. Ice packs are NOT necessary when sending serum or plasma samples, except for ACTH test.

Please include completed Hormone Assay Request Form. Please, put up to five samples per form when submitting multiple samples in the same shipment. We will contact you by fax or phone with the results as they are completed. Most assays are completed the day we receive the sample.

If you are sending samples from a foreign country please include our Import Permit.

To send your samples from outside of the U.S. please follow these steps:

1. Collect serum or plasma. Harvest serum or plasma from the red blood cells within 12 hours. Hormone concentrations are stable for up to 4 days at room temperature. Send only serum or plasma ; no red cells!

2. A volume of 2 mL of serum or plasma is required. For each additional assay on the same sample send an additional 1 mL of serum or plasma.

3. FSH & LH require at least 3 mL of serum or plasma.

4. Complete International International Hormone Assay Request Form [MS/DOC]; [.PDF file] (click the appropriate file type to download)

5. Be sure to include complete credit card & email information.

6. Print 3 copies of Import Permit (click to download)

7. Include 1 copy of Import Permit and completed Hormone Assay Request Form in box with samples.

8. 2 Copies of Import Permit go on outside of package

9. Ship to:

Suite 102A
1501 Bull Lea Road
Lexington, KY 40511-1209
~ Most assays will be completed within 48 hours of receiving samples.
~ Assay results will be emailed.



Para enviar su prueba de un lugar afuera de los Estados Unidos, por favor siguen estos pasos:

1.Reunir suero o plasma. Cosechar suero o plasma de los globulos rojos entre 12 horas de sacar. Concentraciones de hormonas son fijas para aproximo 4 dias cuando estan en temperature del cuarto. Enviar solo suero o plasma por favor no globulos rojos.

2. Un volume de 2 mL de suero o plasma es necessario. Con cada prueba si quieres examenes adicional necessita enviar 1 mL de suero o plasma adicional por cada examen extra que necessita.

3. FSH & LH necesita el minimo de 3 mL de suero o plasma.

4. Completar nuestro International Hormone Assay Request
Form [.PDF file]
 (escoge aquí para eso)

5. Incluyen su informacion de tarjeta de credito y su email completa.

6. Imprima 3 copias del Import Permit [.PDF file] (escoge aquí para eso)

7. Incluyen una copia del IMPORT PERMIT y una completo forma internacional de exámenes hormonas en una caja con sus pruebas.

8. Ponen 2 copias del IMPORT PERMIT en una lado afuera de la caja.

9. Enviar a:

Suite 102A
1501 Bull Lea Road
Lexington, KY 40511-1209
~ Recuerda que lo mayoría de exámenes toman 48 horas desde que recibimos los pruebas.
~ Vamos a enviar los resultados de los exámenes por email.


Performed DAILY (Monday – Friday) on STAT basis with same day turnaround:


Performed FIVE DAYS/WEEK (Monday – Friday) on STAT basis with next day turnaround:


Performed in BATCHES (held until a critical number of samples is reached):

~ LH
 (EDTA Plasma required, FROZEN in PLASTIC vial, sent OVERNIGHT on ice. If other tests requested as well, a separate sample is needed for ACTH.)

Cultures are performed with an average turn around time of three days. Those with fungal growth will require approximately four days to complete. All isolates are screened for sensitivity against the following antibiotics: