BotuSemen® Special


BotuSemen® Special is an extender especially developed for stallions with semen sensitive to cooling process. Its composition is based on the addition of essential lipids to maintain the plasma membrane stability of the sperm during the cooling process. BotuSemen® Special is highly recommended for pre-freezing centrifugation.

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Composition: UHT sterilized skim milk powder, sugars, amino acids, antioxidants, cholesterol, and excipients.
How to prepare: Add the sachet’s contents to the sterile water and shake well.
How to use: The minimum dilution rate for preserving sperm motility during storage is 2 parts extender to 1 part semen, aiming for a final sperm concentration of 30 to 50 million total sperm per mL.
Storage and stability: After mixing the contents of the sachet with sterile water, store it at 2 to 8ºC for up to 3 days.
Description: Maximum sperm protection for stallions that typically don’t freeze well.

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