GI Food


GI Food – A dietary supplement for those who wish to support their intestinal microflora with meaningful amounts of beneficial microorganisms.

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Oral supplements of live, beneficial intestinal microorganisms for nutritional health and well-being are known as probiotics.  Probiotic dietary lactobacilli colonize the intestinal tract, depending on the specific bacterium-to-hot affinity.  Bacteria are continually in competition for colonization space.  The original bacterial colonies have an advantage over transient bacteria.  Nevertheless, the composition of the intestinal microflora is constantly changing.  If harmful microorganisms proliferate, the equilibrium is disturbed, and it becomes difficult for indigenous bacteria to maintain their necessary territory to colonize the intestine.  When probiotics such as GI Food are supplied regularly chances are greatly increased for establishing and maintaining a healthy population of beneficial intestinal microorganisms.   100 tabs per bottle.  1-3 times a day.  1-3 month supply.